Our Team


We are a group of experts coming from different background: banking, retail, payment industry, software engineering…. We aim to be a leading global company providing quick access to financial applications to: banks, processing centers, retails, fleet distributors… and any financial institution preferring to concentrate more on its core business; while we take care of its infrastructure, the integration of its solutions and all the associated support and maintenance.

We are also partnering with many international technology providers and software houses in order to get access to a wide range of financial applications, to qualify them, to size them and to standarize its usage for the benefit of Customers looking for secure and ready-2-go solutions.

For more details, please feel free to contact us: contact@tranzplace.com 

Our fingerprint 

Based on four fundamentals, we provide our clients with innovative, cutting-edge technology and easy to use solutions:

1. Experience: For many years, we did implement complex solutions. We know how to implement your need and how to optimise it.

2.Accountability: We take accountability for our actions and results. We deliver what we commit to deliver. We commit to the success of your projects.

3.Proximity: We stay close to our clients and we share with them a common understanding and a fluent communication. We will always be listening to you.

4.Client Satisfaction: We are 100% client oriented. We take care of your systems, 24/24 hours and 7/7 days.