Cloud Fleet Solution

TranzPlace provides petroleum companies with is a turn-key and cloud-based fleet solution addressing both professionals and private customers. The solution aims to:

    • Deploy an adapted payment terminal network through all the fuel stations, in order to accept payments of the proposed products and services : fuel, lubricants, batteries and accessories, tires, washing, draining, air-conditioning assessment, repairs, convenience store…
    • Issue different kind of fleet cards : private cards and co-branded cards with banks or/and international payment schemes (VISA, MasterCard, …).

TranzPlace Fleet Solution enables also the petroleum companies to issue different kinds of cards:

    • Disposable Prepaid Cards,
    • Reloadable Prepaid Cards,
    • Charge Cards,
    • Credit Cards,

TranzPlace Fleet Solution is a multi-institution, multi-country, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-issuer and multi-acquirer solution. The solution can be interfaced easily with the existing information system of the Petroleum company in order to give access to online reports and statistics regarding sales and clients’ consumption patterns.

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