Cloud Testing Platform

TranzPlace provides financial institutions and payment software developpers with a global cloud-based testing and certification platform. By applying a certification process, you will control your specs, the quality of your systems and the performance of your production environment. The testing and certification platform is a set of processes and testing scripts allowing you to master the deliverables; from your vendors; and to your clients.

TranzPlace Cloud Testing Platform is a set of simulators:

    • VISA Simulator: to simulate VISA protocols (SMS, Base I, Base II), VISA channels (ATM, POS, Internet…), VISA functionalities (pre-authorization, authorization, clearing, settlement, reconciliation…) and VISA services (payment, cash advance, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, money transfer…),
    • MasterCard Simulator: to simulate MasterCard protocols (CIS, MDS, IPM), MasterCard channels (ATM, POS, Internet…), MasterCard functionalities (pre-authorization, authorization, clearing, settlement, reconciliation…) and MasterCard services (payment, cash advance, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, money transfer…),
    • ATM Simulator: to simulate ATM protocols (NDC+, 912…), ATM applications (Wincor, NCR, Diebold…), ATM functionalities (configuration upload, authorization, cut-off…) and ATM services (cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, utilities payment, e-Voucher/e-TopUp, money transfer, cashless transactions…),
    • POS Simulator: to simulate POS protocols (ISO 8583, CB2A, SPDH, APACS…), POS applications (merchant, banking, petroleum…), POS functionalities (parameterization, pre-authorization, authorization, online reconciliation, offline transactions upload…) and POS services (payment, cash advance, e-Voucher/e-TopUp, money transfer, installment loans, cashless transactions…),
    • HOST Simulator: to simulate any HOST type (Switch, Card Management System, Core Banking, ERP…), HOST interfaces (ISO 8583, structured text messaging, XML, Web Services, structured file format, MQ Series…), HOST functionalities (pre-authorization, authorization, diverse host requests, clearing, settlement, reconciliation…) and HOST services (payment, cash advance, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, money transfer…).

If you are an institution implementing a payment software or a payment software developer, we provide you with a complete testing and certification platform.

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