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Cloud Instant Issuing

TranzPlace provides an end-to-end, secured and cloud-based card instant issuing solution allowing banks and financial institutions to issue all kind of magnetic strip and chip cards instantly, and to deliver them to the customers in just few minutes.

TranzPlace Cloud Instant Issuing enables:

    • the issuance of all kind of cards: Debit,...
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Cloud Fleet Solution

TranzPlace provides petroleum companies with is a turn-key and cloud-based fleet solution addressing both professionals and private customers. The solution aims to:

    • Deploy an adapted payment terminal network through all the fuel stations, in order to accept payments of the proposed products and services : fuel, lubricants, batteries and accessories, tires, washing, draining, air-conditioning assessment, repairs,...
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Cloud Testing Platform

TranzPlace provides financial institutions and payment software developpers with a global cloud-based testing and certification platform. By applying a certification process, you will control your specs, the quality of your systems and the performance of your production environment. The testing and certification platform is a set of processes and testing scripts allowing you to...

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Private Secure Cloud

TranzPlace provides institutions with a solution to secure private applications and data hosted on the cloud.

TranzPlace Private Secure Cloud is based on a powerful, high-availability and comprehensive security solution to protect and encrypt data in the cloud.

TranzPlace Private Secure Cloud provides a high-availability; the best in the industry of hosting:

    • Hosts...
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Cloud Core Banking

TranzPlace provides banks and financial institutions with an innovative, customer-oriented, real-time and integrated cloud-based core banking solution with an open architecture, that provides 24x7 continuous processing and supports a wide range of customers, products, deposit, lending and payment functionalities.

TranzPlace Cloud Core Banking is based on a secured cloud platform. It is a scalable and capable of...

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Cloud ERP

TranzPlace provides small, medieum and large companies with a powerful cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning, allowing them to manage their day-to-day operations and save time, money and energy.

TranzPlace Cloud ERP is based on a secured cloud platform. It is a comprehensive and integrated solution providing a complete set of functionalities to manage:

    • Payroll,
    • Financial Management,
    • Sales Management,
    • Quality...
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Cloud Strong Authentication

TranzPlace provides institutions with a cloud-based strong authentication solution, allowing them to secure their financial and business software. It is a fully-automated, highly secure strong authentication solution with a large choice of token options. The solution adds many layers of identity verification to ensure that only authorized users do have access to your software.

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Cloud Switch & CMS

TranzPlace provides banks, financial institutions and processing centers with secured and complete cloud-based Switch and CMS solutions.

TranzPlace Switch & CMS is a global, integrated and real time payment system solution that manages all the transaction value chain.

TranzPlace Switch & CMS manages different types of :

    • Institutions: Banks, Processing Centers, Microfinance, Posts...
    • Accountholders: Retail, Corporate...
    • Accounts:...
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